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Train Your Intuition 

A full experience into better hearing your gut feeling. Understanding how your intuition, works & learning to live WITH it.

So you can live by it.

Our gut feeling is very powerful, it's the gateway to our instinct. We often do not listen to it anymore, or even more so; we don't hear and feel it anymore. Conditioning and mind work has overpowered it.


Through lots of exploration, physical movement and observation of ourselves and each other, we unlock this blockage and remember this inner knowledge we all

carry within.

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A 3-day Retreat in Ibiza:

Thursday evening 5th of October -

 Monday morning 9th of October


Your connection with your Body

Your connection with your Inner Knowing

Your connection with your Inner Peace


Who is this for?

This program is for the ones who are interested in exploring their own intuition deeper. And want to learn how to live more integrated with their feelings, emotions and intuition.



These are questions that are alive for you;

- How do I trust more that what is happening is ok?  

- How do I let go of controlling?

- How do I accept what is happening (to me) in my life?

- How can I tap into my feelings and intuition?

- How can I make a decision based in my feelings and executed by my mind?

- How can I integrate my intuition when I have to make (important) decisions?

The Offering


The main focus of the program is on YOU.

Gathering insight into your own judgements, limiting beliefs, conditioning and patterns (survival mechanisms, habits and comfort zone). Through daily movement & dance, nature, reflection, journaling and somatic practice, this intensive will give you tools how to change certain patterns that don't work for you anymore.

You Learn

  • How and where to find your intuition

  • How to integrate your intuition into your day-to-day

  • How to communicate compassionately and violence free

  • How to incorporate your own preferences into your relationships (boundaries & healhty. communication)

  • How to create or choose your most ideal work situation

Meet Your Facilitator

About Me.

Hi, my name is Nathalie. I am born and raised in the Netherlands. I am in love with life and a true people’s person. Guided by my intuition and educated through experience, I have created my life through conscious decision making and by living in full integrity. Learning about my intuition and using it in my day-to-day life took me all over the world and experience the most amazing flow states, bliss and deep belonging. 


During my training as a contemporary dancer I got in touch with my body like nothing else could have done that for me. Little did I know, that when I started Dance Academy 15 years ago, the framework for my embodiment practice for all the personal development work that was still coming my way, was already being built.


By now I have been working as a teacher in dance & movement for over 11 years with a deep focus on psycho somatic work (embodiment) for the last 5 years. I work with groups and individuals, online & offline. I trained corporate teams in body language, communication and leadership. And I guide teams to deeper alignment.


Through different professional settings I teach, invite and support others to get in deep connection to their feelings, which live in our bodies. From deep trauma to simple pattern recognition and everything in between, all our behaviour is stored in our bodies and we can enter and unlock a lot of it through physical intelligence. 

This work is my deepest calling and if you are intrigued or interested to connect and learn more, please reach out to hop on a call! 




A big, integrated part of the intensive in Ibiza is the Food Experience. Meet Abel, our amazing chef who prepares 3 organic meals per day for us and with every meal he explains the benefits of certain ingredients for all our organs.


What we put into our bodies has an enormous effect on our moods, state and ability to connect. Creating a deeper understanding for what serves your body in specific is one of the tools to take back home.


With the expertise, excitement and support of Abel; food will become a whole new experience for all of us.

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Where you Stay

We will stay in this beautiful traditional finca in the north of the island. Surrounded by nature and the lushness of the island, peace finds you.

Practical Information



Extensive Questionnaire

1:1 with Nath —> 1 call (60min)

Group —> 1 call (90min)

Train Your Intuition Course - (8-10 hours of investment)


Daily Movement & Dance

Nature Walks

Conscious Food Experiences

Reflection Circles

Journaling Exercises

Somatic Deep Diving into your Body


1:1 with Nath —> 1 call (60min)

- Focused on Integration and action points day-to-day life

Group —> 1 call (90min)

- Focused on accountability and support 



What's included in the price?



Coaching Calls (2,5 hours)

Online Course - Train Your Intuition



Retreat in Ibiza;

All activities on the program

Accommodation (Thursday - Monday)


Food Friday, Saturday and Sunday



Post Retreat:

Coaching Calls (2,5 hours)



Early Bird Investment €1750 (book before 1st of July)

Normal Investment €2000

Resident Investment €1000 (contact for details)


*(not included; flight to Ibiza)

Retreat is non-refundable

Get in Touch for any questions & inquiries

Thank you for submitting, you'll hear from me soon!

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