Own Your Space

Own Your Space is created from the essence that everyone is able to direct the experience of their life. It stands for allowing yourself to take charge and be your own director. It inspires you to get back to your core and connects you to your sense of being: your body, your awareness, your spark.

Emotional Intelligence is an phenomenon that is increasing in its value. The world is changing rapidly as we are clearly being nudged towards more conscious behaviour. Alongside how we treat the planet, also how we treat each other and ourselves. 

The first steps towards ‘individual ownership’ is a transparent dialogue with yourself. Observing what is present in your life and getting to know your personal operating system.

Intuition is a powerful tool that can be trained like a muscle. By surrendering to what shows up in your life, you can befriend your ego instead of wanting to suppress it.


Generating empathy for yourself and others around you will support you in the integration of your process and stimulates you to step into the space that is yours to live in.



She is in love with life and is a true people’s person. Guided by her intuition and educated through experience Nathalie creates her life to be one from conscious decision making and living in integrity. Through different professional settings she invites and supports others to do so as well. By being in constant dialogue with herself she constantly redesigns her reality into full alignment.


She has a fire for life and will share that with anyone who connects with her. It holds the core of why she founded Own Your Space. Not everything in life will make the sun shine, but we do all carry light within us. And sometimes we just need a simple reflection to set us on our way.

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The Method

Human beings are by nature experiential creatures. When something moves through our sensational body it leaves a bigger impact than when we perceive information through our cognitive capacity. Incorporation (cor·pus, Latin word for ‘’body’’) implies that integration is a physical process. 


All of the experiences facilitated by Nathalie have a signature of embodied learning. Which means as much and as little as having an experience that moved you one way or another.


As she feels the work of personal development is sacred and unique; Nathalie offers her work on a "you pay for the value you received''. Which leave the space for the individual to pay how they feel fit for the work they receive. 

Based on absolute trust in the laws of the Universe; she trusts you.


Interested in working with me?

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