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Recognizing patterns and wanting to change them is a challenging process. Having someone next to you while you walk that path is the way Nathalie likes to shine a light on the collaboration with her clients. Believing that no one holds answers for another person: we can merely share experiences, mirror each other and take a possibility and turn that into an opportunity.


Group Training

Own Your Space offers customized training programs for companies and groups. Themes such as conscious communication, team cohesion, leadership  and body language have main focus.


The training distinguishes itself from pure cognitive trainings because of the physical approach. Each individuals experience stretches them in their consciousness and broadens their perspectives. It invites one to look and listen to themselves and the others with fresh eyes.


The body houses a lot of knowledge and many hidden patterns that, once aware of them, can become an opportunity for growth and development.

Group Training

Personal Coaching

During the individual coaching process focus lies on what the client would like to experience and develop. This can vary from personal development elements to work related topics. What is similar in any trajectory is collecting more insight and knowledge on your personal operating system. 


While increasing the attention into your heart space you can generate a dialogue between intuition and ratio. And by becoming more aware of your body and gathering more knowledge from the inside, insecurity can decrease. While experiencing more certainty and security of what you have and who you are, you get more clear on who you are and what drives you in life.  


With her physical expertise and experience Nathalie will literally create movement, whether that be mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. Our body is a reflection of our mental well being and you will be surprised how much insights the body gives away.


Interested in working with me?

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