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Movement is the one universal language that transcends geographical borders. Regardless of cultural differences and interpretations; when human beings move and dance we all get the same ecstatic experience. Because in that dimension, we truly are all the same.



As a contemporary dancer Nathalie has worked across the globe. The diversity in the creative content of all her projects is what keeps the work challenging and interesting. Her love for the stage is an intrinsic fire that seems to find new power in every chapter of her life.

She has danced in multiple dance companies, worked with various choreographers and also performed in the commercial sector for different corporates.


Dance is and always will be her ‘’go-to place’’ to regenerate creative energy which is applicable in all the elements of her life and work.



The power of art is universally acknowledged. Stepping out of one's comfort zone is a proven phenomenon to stimulate innovation and out of the box thinking. Contemporary dance is an experimental, sensational and interactive form of dance art that can evoke, move and engage her audience in magical ways. 


While in creation phase Nathalies always includes the performers personality and their own signature to construct a united and dynamic performance.

Interested in working with me?

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