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Christina Mastori

Founder of SOMAnatomics, somatic movement therapist & educator

"I was at a point of my life where I felt drained of my creativity. My expressive body felt estranged from my soul. I was looking for someone or something to help me make that connection again. At that time, I found myself in one of Nathalie's classes. I was immediately drawn by her presence and warmth. Since then, with each class I have felt more inspired, encouraged and motivated. She shows a restless passion in helping you realize your goals and she provides the necessary support and tools to explore and expand your movement and expression with freedom. She has a gift to "dissect " you and then show you how to pick  "yourself" up from the floor. As long as you have the appetite she will be there to guide you. With her by your side expect to experience this journey like clay being moulded to a shape that only you can imagine."

Daj van der Woude

Owner Models at Work Amsterdam & Ibiza

“Nathalie is a lovely human being to work with. Professional, inventive, creative and very specialized in her field: dance and the creative use of the human body. I’ve hired Nathalie for several projects for Models at Work. She is our go to choreographer in the widest range of the word. Everything from choreographed shows till ‘’tableau vivants’’ are created and directed by her from beginning till end. She combines the wishes of the client with a contemporary esthetic which allows a unique performance to arise every time.


The speed in which Nathalie’s ideas take shape in the first meet-up with the clients is a talent that is of great added value in each acquisitional conversation.


Nathalie is a peoples person with strongly developed social skills and a true intrinsic interest in the others. Therefore her relations management and customer contact is very reliable and succesfull.


For every entrepreneur that is keen on their clients, she is an asset for them. I’m very glad to have Nathalie in my network and to be able to collaborate with her.


Trust is earned, not given!”

Haya Maëla

owner and founder Danshuis Haarlem

I would describe Nathalie as a woman with fire, a lot of energy and warmth. She is a true people’s person without losing her own boundaries. She wants to learn from life and therefore she lives life to the fullest. For me she is a lovely woman to work with.

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