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Creating an atmosphere is a profession by itself. How we experience something is more determining than we consciously might realise. The various possibilities to communicate is what defines us as human beings. However, often communication is the biggest challenge whilst aspiring energy flow. The presence of an objective and external source who guards the integrity and flow of communication is of noticeable importance.



As a moderator for workshops and team building events Nathalie focuses on the verbal and non verbal communication present within the group. She surfaces elements that support the flow of the program through creating a transparent atmosphere which generates efficient progression. Being an external source to your organization she stimulates communication to move organically, and guides the group process with a high level of integrity and sense for balance. 


If you are looking for a captain to steer your ship towards your destination, she will take care of the road how to get there. 

Ensuring that to be a human and conducive experience for the collective.



As a facilitator for conferences, events and gatherings Nathalie creates ‘a home base’ for all the participants, by being the designated driver who weaves the different threads together. The most important elements to her are:

  • creating cohesion

  • setting a safe space for open sharing

  • representing a humanized experience

As a professional dancer she knows flow state on stage like no other and extends that comfort she feels into any audience she encounters.

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